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The Packinghouse

In 2016 we started the operation of our packinghouse. A modern facility for the processing and packaging of citrus, located in the village Grammousa of Laconia.

This plant consists of a production line, which is able to process 80 tons of citrus per day. Below you can see in detail the production line.

About 40 new jobs were created, in the production department, and the department of management, which is very important at this time for Laconia and Greece in general.

The Production Line

Loading on production line, after harvesting
First sorting. Separation of leaves and bad quality products
Washing and drying products to get ready for waxing
Waxing and drying products for an extra protection
Calibrating and sorting citrus according to the trading sizes
Placing products in cartons, plastics or net
Palletizing cartons and preparing them for transportation
Loading pallets on truck for transportation

Photos and videos of the production line

Our Gardens

Our orchards are located in the beautiful and fertile region of Laconia. The Laconic plain is located in the center of the Laconic Gulf and its about 20 minutes away from Sparta, southerly.

Our area is famous for high quality agricultural production in various kinds of fruits, vegetables and olive oil. The reason is the very good climate and also the plenty of good quality water.

There are many rivers which supply the plain with water. One of them is the famous and historic river of Evrotas, which crosses our area.

Concerning our production, we pay extra attention to quality and taste. We try to avoid chemicals and dangerous pesticides to keep our products natural. That's why we try to increase the knowledge of our producers, through specific seminars and presentations.

You are welcome whenever you want to visit us and tour our facilities. Just contact us.

See our products

See our products. Our varieties of citrus fruits and their harvesting periods.



Skala 23051, Laconia

+30 27350 24191

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